Finding Fast Methods for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that has more people visiting the dentist than ever. The result, of course, is healthier teeth because a checkup can be done at the same time and any pending problems taken care of quickly. Another result is brighter, happier smiles as patients realize how wonderful their teeth look. The process lightens teeth while removing most discoloration and stains acquired over the years. Whitening is also referred to as bleaching, since many of the products include bleach. Like many other cosmetic improvements to personal appearance, maintenance is required because stains return. An appointment is usually scheduled when you leave the office.

Trays and Gels for Home Use

Consumers can purchase a tray and gel for use at home. Simply heat the tray, add gel, and put it in your mouth for the specified time. This is done every day. Some pain or irritation may occur during this lengthy process. Your oral hygienist may recommend a less stressful, faster way of whitening your teeth. One example is whitening strips, which often deliver positive results in 2 to 3 weeks. Available for more than a decade, the procedure involves applying strips with hydrogen peroxide directly to the teeth. The resulting heat can burn gums and fingers. The user must place them carefully away from the tender flesh of the gums to avoid irritation.

Other DIY Whitening Options

The convenience of paint-on whiteners and the ability to direct the gel directly to each tooth makes this style of whitening a welcome choice. As long as the gel has adhering consistency, it will not shift towards the gum and cause irritation. A disadvantage is that oxygen, which helps deliver the whitening factor, escapes and slows the process. Expect noticeable results within 60 days. Dental professionals stay informed about the different ways of whitening, whether it is done at the clinic or by their patients at home. Feel free to ask for advice, rather than blistering your mouth or ending up with streaked teeth.

Change Habits

It is easier to keep your teeth from yellowing and staining by stopping bad habits picked up over the years. Tea, cola, and coffee cause stains just as tobacco products do. Dental professionals often have colorful flyers in the office to show patients how aging causes enamel to wear away. Have your teeth cleaned before starting any whitening process. A dental professional has special procedures to whiten teeth more quickly than at-home methods. Lasers activate the gel and enhance the speed of bleaching. One to three appointments of 30 to 90 minute sessions provides whiter teeth in a safe setting. Find out the best method to brighten your smile by calling today for an appointment with Premier Dental Team at (352) 562-7162.